Our process has been refined to deliver under certain timescales. With that said, each mandate is entirely bespoke and tailored to the needs of our clients.


Milestone #1

Develop a search strategy that includes identification of:

Internal team

Geographic reach

Qualifying screener of 20 sources

Title and candidate description

Cross company collaboration


Milestone #2

Hold an update meeting where we will present:

Overarching search strategy

Detailed position mapping

Research strategy

Recruiting strategy

10 Candidates profiled


Milestone #3

Send update report and present status on:

Exhaustive industry research

Provide insights on backgrounds reviewed to date

Have identified 20 benchmark candidates

Spoken with at least 10 prospects


Milestone #4

After 21 days, we have:

Interviewed & assessed 75% of candidates

Finalised at least 3 candidates

Adjusted approach as needed

Reviewed responses and spoken/met with each candidate


Milestone #5

After 30 days, we have:

Assessed all candidates

Met with all internal candidates

Presented an accepted shortlist

Provided feedback to all unsuccessful candidates


Milestone #6

We have:

Successfully interviewed all candidates

Ranked all candidates

Completed all reports within 5 days of interview completion – pending availability of referees

Successful candidates acceptance of offer