Cyber Security Practice

Possibly the greatest evolution in capability and threat in the past ten years has come from within the Cyber domain. Our Cyber Security Practice maintains a unique position within EQV Associates in that it is a functional practice, supporting Cyber Security searches cross-industry.

Through our explicit knowledge of this global market place, we have developed the expertise to deliver high profile CISO search mandates for Government agencies as well as Private Sector enterprises. In addition to this, we have been involved in substantial team build outs, essentially creating cyber security functions for our clients.

Due to our international networks, market knowledge and key insights, we have been trusted to lead highly sensitive assignments in this field and successfully delivered to ensure the increased and continued protection of our clients and their stakeholders.

EQV Associates has also played a key role in the delivery of significant leadership assessment programs within this field, thus developing a unique insight into the traits and characteristics, alongside the capabilities, of successful Cyber leaders.