How we work

Our specialised market knowledge allows us to truly advise our clients on how to achieve the greatest outcomes through their leaders. By understanding the goals of the organisations we work with, we are able to target more than just exceptionally talented executives, but those with a demonstrable track record and ability to achieve the results they seek.

EQV Associates actively manage key networks across our core specialist practice areas. Through our focus on the breadth of our networks within narrow specialist fields, we ensure our clients can tap into a global leadership talent pool for their crucial executive, non-executive and advisory board talent needs. Whether our clients are seeking talent from within the intelligence community, military or former politician, we engage our networks discretely and swiftly to deliver diverse options.

Given the nature of the vast majority of our work, we are able to handle sensitive data, with the highest level of discretion. Our reward comes not from public association, but in seeing the results from our impact, from afar.

We do ensure however that our services are not one-dimensional. When mandated on an assignment, we ensure we are able to advise our clients on market intelligence gained throughout the course of our assignment, better positioning them to succeed moving forward.